Food 4 Fuel


In Niagara over 41% of children live below the poverty line and start their day hungry. However studies confirm that child hunger is not isolated to low income families.

Working parents often do not have time to ensure children have had a nutritious start to their day. Many children are not hungry when they wake up, but by the time they are at school they need to fuel up to help them start their day.

Hunger often results in disruptive behaviour in the classroom. School nutrition programs offer all children access to healthy foods. With proper nutrition, young minds can learn, grow and be successful in school.
Nutrition Programs Create Balance in Schools

By offering a balanced meal or snack in a safe and stimulating environment, Food4Fuel provides the following benefits:

  • Improved attendance and punctuality
  • Increased understanding of how healthy eating habits affect energy levels
  • Improved behaviour and increased concentration, leading to greater achievement
  • Improved social skills and confidence to interact with other children and adults