Anna Olson teaches breakfast in Thorold

November 20, 2014

A group of Thorold students shared an important meal with a celebrity chef today.

Anna Olson visited Richmond Street Public School to teach them all about making a healthy breakfast.

On TV, Anna Olson is known for baking desserts. But this was all about breakfast- the most important meal of the day.

Tying apron strings instead of opening textbooks, students at Richmond Street school were hungry for knowledge. And breakfast.

Mary De Sousa, First Ontario Credit Union: “It really does help to start that learning process off and so we really wanted to be part of that piece of it because we know that regardless of kids circumstances, everybody needs a breakfast.”

Anne Kirkpatrick, Niagara Nutrition Partners: “They’re ready to learn, they’re ready to be attentive, they’re ready to participate.”

With help from First Ontario Credit Union, the Niagara Nutrition Partners turned their daily breakfast program into a cooking class with celebrity chef Anna Olson.

Anna Olson: “Whether it’s in television or here actively in schools, kids are engaged and they’re interested in food.”

She whipped up a batch of whole grain apple pancakes for her horde of sous chefs, explaining the value of good ingredients.