Donors and Community Partners

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Basically we give to NNP because the bridge out of poverty and to a better quality of life is education and you can’t learn when you are hungry! NNP not only provides healthy sustenance but teaches about healthy eating leading to positive change in the children’s lives and their families. NNP can help break the cycle of poverty. - John and Jan Potts – individual donors

For the past 17 years, the May Court Club of St. Catharines has recognized and supported Niagara Nutrition Partners in its efforts to ensure that the children attending schools in our region do not go hungry Thank you, NNP for the important work you do! - Peggy Tytanek – May Court Club of St. Catharines

“I love kids. Hanging out with kids keeps you feeling young and in touch with the world. Since my children are grown-ups I also get my “mommy fix” by helping to ensure their little faces are clean while I remind them to use their manners.” -Carrie Zeffiro – longtime volunteer James Morden

$60 provides 1 day of cereal for 280 students